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Pint of Science and Creative Reactions

I am currently working with Creative Reactions on a collaborative project called ‘Pint of Science’, where my role is to interpret the research of a leading Doctor at the University of Bristol, creating an artwork that represents their findings within the field of Ophthalmology. The artwork will form part of a series of talks to communicate scientific advances in an informal environment with members of the public. Creative Reactions is a collaboration between artists and Pint of Science scientists to produce artworks related to the science presented at the pubs. It was started in Cambridge during Pint of Science 2015 and proved to be a major success and is now spreading across further cities.

Projects from the past

I was sorting out my studio and I uncovered a box from my University days. Inside were lots of note pads, sketch books, feathers and photos. However, tucked in between I rediscovered this newspaper clipping from 1999! Eleanor and I had our work selected for a regeneration project, initiated by Loughborough Council. We were asked to produce installations to "dress-up" two, derelict shop fronts in Loughborough town centre. It's been a while since i saw this photograph. It was the first community project I was involved in and it brings back some fond memories!

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