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And the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1906 goes to. . .

Isn't this just beautiful? How amazing was this man? Santiago Ramon y Cajal won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1906 for this wonderful work. He was one of the first people in the field of neuroscience to research and explore how the brain functions and explain it's structure. The Guardian recently ran an article all about his work (January 18th 2017) Below is a drawing Cajal made from observations of the Hippocampus, specifically the Astrocytes within the hippocampus.

Structurally different Brains

I have been conducting research to inform my work for Creative Reactions and I have come across some fascinating information. This is a recent article from BBC News regarding the way in which an artist's brain differs to others. As an additional, fun fact, when I was meeting with Dr Denize Atan she told us that taxi drivers have a larger hippocampi than others! They believe this is due to the visual and spatial information that they have to retain in order to navigate. The brain is an incredible thing! (Click image to be taken to the BBC News article.)

I can see a "Brainbow"

What an incredible meeting yesterday to discuss the work of Doctor Denize Atan and her PHD student, Kat, for Creative Reactions. Learning all about how we see and how the brain interprets information from the eyes was fascinating! Using our conversations yesterday i'm going to further research and draw draw draw!!! The aim is to generate a piece of work to do justice to/ accompany their presentation for Pint of Science. Time to get started!

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