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The all-seeing eye!

I have just had the most wonderful time in the print room at Spike Island, developing the body of work for Pint of Science and Creative Reactions. The printing went well - and I am very pleased with the results! please see below the process of printing for this collaborative project.

Rods and Cones

Here's another, lovely picture of the inner workings of the human eye! This one shows the rods and the cones, the means by which our eyes pick up and relay information that we see. These are otherwise known as photoreceptors and can be found at the back of the eye.

Eye Bulb

Art work being developed for a new silk screen print, for the Pint of Science and Creative Reactions sci-art collaboration. I plan to have four designs ready for the launch of the exhibition in Bristol 9 May 2017. Lets keep on drawing!

There's so much more than meets the eye

Drawing development, inspired by the work of Dr Denize Atan, from the University of Bristol. Working in the field of ophthalmology, Dr Atan is primarily interested in the bipolar cells and how they relay information to the brain.

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