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Enamel plates - larger than I've worked before and trickier for it - both still works in progress! One plate is a view of the Severn bridge from Aust beach. We'd gone there a while back, fossil hunting with my children. Not much to report from the fossil side of things, but I'd loved the colours and space. I'd returned home totally inspired and determined to return. The other plate I'm working on is a view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge - looking down the gorge towards Hotwells and South Bristol, the river Avon wending its way to the cut. I had such fun printing these enamels that it was slightly disappointing when they came out of the kiln, exhibiting more colour changes than I'd hoped

Creatively Reacting to the Private View

The Creative Reactions exhibition, which launched with a Private View on Thursday 10th May - and a Public Launch on Friday 11th - was hugely attended, with over 300 people making the time to visit ! On the first evening, over 100 people - mainly scientists and artists - attended, feeding into the buzzing atmosphere of the Hamilton House Gallery. The badge-workshop was well received and many took the opportunity to jot down their favourite formulas, or quickly 'create' a DNA strand. Friday was open to the public - in advance over 250 people had confirmed attendance and it was super busy! Much fun was had by all as artwork and theories were discussed and appreciated. Here are some of my favour

A Mural for Children of the Community

I have begun a collaboration with Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association to develop a mural. We are working with school children at a local Primary to communicate with the wider community, sharing their favourite things about Hotwells on a wall in the Cumberland Piazza. We have held several workshops during the after school club, which has enabled us to talk with children from 4 - 11 years old about what makes the area special. We've had an incredible array of wonderful drawings - animals, birds, boats and bridges have all made an appearance. They have shared stories about their homes, families, pets and favourite places. I thought I would share with you some of the creative content

Community Engagement Badge-making

Our Pint Of Science badge-making workshops were well attended and a great success! The badge-making workshops provided a creative outlet for interested parties to respond to their environment. Participants were young and old, scientists, artists and local residents. Running during Creative Reactions Bristol Private view and public launch, in excess of 300 people came through the doors to see the sci-art show. It was fascinating to see the diversity of topics expressed on a simple badge - from complex, scientific formulas to feel good anecdotes, it illustrated just how accessible badge-making is. The atmosphere was buzzing and creativity was flowing - just look at some of the wonderful badge

Where Science and Art collide

The Bristol Pint Of Science and Creative Reactions exhibition launches this week! Come along to Hamilton House to see what happens when a scientist's research is interpreted by an artist... I was teamed up with Ruth Mitchell, who researches multiple sclerosis. We were interested in the way that the neuron communicates with the body and how the myelin sheath protects these communications. When someone suffers from MS, the myelin sheath is damaged, which reduces - and eventually stops - the neurons ability to relay messages to the body. I have produced an enamel with an image of the myelin sheath. The material is pretty robust (think weather resistant, permanent), but can be damaged if dropped

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