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No drawing makes Amy a dull girl

Of late, I have found myself dealing with licensing contracts and computer admin - all if which is wonderful and an exciting, alternative way of working for me. BUT MY GOODNESS - I miss drawing and printing!!! I keep trying to factor time in for the lovely, playful aspect of my role, but it keeps being squeezed out. I managed to get some mark resist out the other day, though, and produced the Ashton Court Mansion images you can see below, but it's not enough! I crave more creativity. I am going to have to be ruthless and tell myself off! . . .I'll start more drawing tomorrow. Until then, it has been such a busy 2019 for me. In a quick run down, I installed a mural for the Bristol Eye Hospita

Wonderful Women!

Happy International Women's Day!!! You are amazing and you will always be so. You've got this - now, go take over the world!!!!! (Check out these two, gorgeous girlies in my photograph. They are strong and incredible children that crack me up whenever we have the chance to hang out! Here they are, July 2018, checking out the mural in progress, which I created to celebrate the Women of Hotwells and Cliftonwood. It was commissioned by Art Within the Cracks to acknowledge the centenary of (some) women getting the vote.}

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