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COG Community Mural

The sun is shining and the days are getting longer. . .it's the perfect time of year to get outdoors and start painting murals! Straight off of the summertime bat, I am proud to say that I have been selected by Brave Bold Drama to be the recipient of their second COG Artist Residency award. COG stands for 'Creative Opportunity Giver' and it offers the chance to exchange ideas and skills for space and funding. I will have studio access to develop my own work within this community hub in Withywood, whilst also engaging with a school (one particular secondary in mind - to be confirmed soon!) in order to create a new, community mural, providing these students with a visual voice. All the details

Sci-Art Print Process

I thought it might be useful to share some of the processes that went into the work generated for Creative Reactions/ Pint of Science 2019. I have had to get my head around an area of science I was hitherto oblivious of. Epi-genetics is pretty insane! I found epi-genetics such an abstract concept that I delayed starting the artwork for a bit as I needed to process it. Once I vaguely got used to the concept of epi-genetics (courtesy of lots of explaining by Charlie, YouTube videos and TED talks) I then realised that I had no visual 'hook' to commence designing from. I had been sent wonderful graphs and images of code, but it all felt too far away from the human condition. That's when it dawne

Getting There

The deadline for @creativereactionsbristol was yesterday!!! My work explores the research of geneticist, Charlie Hatcher. She is interested in how environmental factors impact upon DNA methylation. This concept blew my tiny mind!!! I struggled to find a visual hook to make this abstract concept more understandable to me. The data Charlie utilises is from the @children_of_the_90s project. This in itself I was unfamiliar with, so I sought out some of those individuals involved in ALSPAC. My conversations with Jean Golding (who started ALSPAC) and a few of the 14000 initial participants have enabled me to humanise the epigenetic research. I have learnt a lot via this collaboration and it has

Decisions Decisions

Blimey, I have been playing and experimenting with all of the elements of my work for Creative Reactions and now I cannot decide which of the prints is the one I'll frame!!! I might go for two (perhaps more?) Feel free to comment with your favourite? I need all the help I can get - I'm tired and my brain has been struggling! Off to @thelittleframingco tomorrow 😊 . . . #amyhutchings #dnagenetics #dnamethylation #childrenofthe90s #alspac #silkscreenprinting #experimentalprintmaking #scienceart #artscience #vibrantcolours #colourpop #drawings #scienceillustration #variededition #uniqueart

Sending Love to the Old Dame

Such sad news about the fire in the Notre-Dame de Paris. Admiration and thanks to all the fire crews for putting their lives on the line to save her. It was not so long ago that we took our children interrailing and visited her for ourselves. She looked glorious in the afternoon sunshine. We marveled at her intricate carvings and the soft tones of her stone work, we danced beneath her and she made her way into our hearts and our memories. We were staying just along the road and admired her frequently during our stay. She had impact, finding her way into my sketchbooks and -subsequently - became a large, hand pulled print. Sending huge love to the people of France and especially to those i

Travels Around Blue Bristol

Travels Around Bristol . . .In printed form. And in BLUE!!! 🐦💙🔵🐋🌊 #workinprogress #workingfromhome #printmaking #silkscreenprint #silkscreenprinting #layeringup #blue #beautifulblue #sunshine #funshine #birds #owl #illustration #drawings #ideasfromsketchbook #amyhutchings #bristol#bristol #bristolharbour #createcentre #bondsbuilding #bristollandmark #travels #aroundbristol

Creative Play

Play is important. I have been playing with layering imagery and printing with lots of colour, seeing what will happen and generally enjoying the freedom of interpreting the Ashton Court mansion following on from my artist residency there with Artspace Lifespace. I will be continuing this work shortly, however, there is an exciting deadline looming for a month-long exhibition with Creative Reactions, part of Pint of Science 2019. The idea of Creative Reactions is to pair an artist with a scientist, interpreting their research in a way that makes it accessible to the general public. This will be my third year involved in this project. I adore it! I am teamed with a wonderful geneticist from B

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