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Printing is my absolute favourite thing to do. No matter what the imagery, having drawings on a screen and bringing all the individual layers/ colours together into a final image is a beautiful process. Lots of it relies on great preparation - but there is always an element of luck and how things go on the day. Below are photographs to show the layers of colour being added to a print. Each one has to be done one at a time, with the screen washed in between and the ink given time to dry on the paper before the next layer is added. You must be very careful with each colour to ensure that the design is registered properly - that is to say, all the colours need to be printed into the right place

The Printing Process

I thought I'd share with you some of the photographs from my recent commission of Cargo at Wapping Wharf, Bristol. It's always hard to convey to people just how much work goes into a hand-pulled print. Perhaps a few words and images might be interesting? Initially you create the artwork - I always draw mine, but there are many ways to generate this. Then you have to create the screen(s). Each colour involves a different screen and each colour is an individual section of the design, for which you have to create a mark-resist or stencil. To prepare the screen, it needs to be coated with photographic emulsion, left to dry and then exposed to a UV light for a set amount of time. You time the exp

Mentioned in the Guardian!!!

Squuuueeeaaakkkk!!! I was extremely excited to find out the other day via @casper_bristol that we had been mentioned in the national press, which directly named me and my work in the article, alongside other wonderful, independent shops on North Street. 🙌 It's a great destination to head to and lovely to be associated with. Well done everyone xxx For those who missed the Guardian article on the weekend, which included a locals guide to Bristol, it can be found online via the link here: I'm thrilled to be featured in the @guardian‘s Bristol guide (in Saturday’s Trave

Save the Date! Celebratory Exhibition at Ashton Court Mansion

Save the date! On September 28th there will be an exhibition, open to all, at Ashton Court Mansion. This event celebrates the history of the building and it's purchase by Bristol City Council in 1959, making it Bristol's mansion house. It also asks for your input into it's future. The event will see as much of the mansion open to the public as possible, with events running throughout the day and an exhibition of artwork generated during July workshops which I facilitated with Artspace Lifespace and Historic England. Over a two week period, six primary schools from across the city had the opportunity to join us for a day. The aim of the sessions was to introduce them to the history of the man

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