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Hotwells PTA Fundraising Totalizer - unveiled

Amy Hutchings and Luise Holder were approached by the Hotwells PTA to create a fundraising totalizer for the school. It's aim is to keep everyone abreast of how they are progressing towards their £15,000 goal for much needed play equipment.

We wanted to create something engaging, inclusive and educational - something befitting of a School. We felt that, by clever design, we could create a totalizer that could be used and reused for years to come. Our initial design work covered many different angles, but the one that won approval was a 'legacy' option, in the form of a willow tree with leaves. Each leaf represents a set figure and are added to the tree as money accrues. Beneath the tree is a key, telling children how much each leaf is worth and including the times table to help them calculate the total.

The final piece has been laser-cut from birch ply and acrylic, manufactured for outdoor use and made to last. We hope the school and PTA will use this for many, future fundraising endeavours!

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