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No drawing makes Amy a dull girl

Of late, I have found myself dealing with licensing contracts and computer admin - all if which is wonderful and an exciting, alternative way of working for me. BUT MY GOODNESS - I miss drawing and printing!!! I keep trying to factor time in for the lovely, playful aspect of my role, but it keeps being squeezed out. I managed to get some mark resist out the other day, though, and produced the Ashton Court Mansion images you can see below, but it's not enough! I crave more creativity. I am going to have to be ruthless and tell myself off! . . .I'll start more drawing tomorrow.

Until then, it has been such a busy 2019 for me. In a quick run down, I installed a mural for the Bristol Eye Hospital, had a month long artist residency via Artspace Lifespace at Ashton Court Mansion, a solo exhibition, ran some public workshops and was selected as an artist for Creative Reactions!

So,to expand on a few of these bits, I am currently working with a geneticist researching into natural selection. I am gathering information and my thoughts at present (epi-genetics is complicated!!!), but will start more drawing on the subject shortly and eventually generate a final piece for inclusion in a sci-art exhibition in April/ May, as part of Pint of Science. We will also be running some school and adult workshops sharing our collaborative project during the course of the show.

In other news, I am in the process of securing a licensing contract with a charity I met with in January. With a background in buying, we used to license imagery from other organisations, but I have never had to implement it from the artists perspective. It's a been a steep learning curve, but together, we are getting there. The contract is being worked through at the moment and should be in place shortly. Once it's all official, I will let you know!

And finally, as a result of the wonderful artists residency within the Ashton Court mansion, I have been asked to work with Heritage England and Artspace Lifespace in the summer. We will be offering Archaeoscan digs, working on site at Ashton Court and exploring it's heritage.

Until the next time, I am going to crack on with some more of this computer based stuff. . . happy Tuesday!

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