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Celebrating In Style - Children's Art work at the "People's" Mansion

What a week! Phew!!! It has been incredibly busy and amazing fun!

This week was spent installing a wonderful collection of artwork from Hannah More Primary, Cabot Primary, Easton CE Academy, Barton Hill Academy, Worle Village Primary and Glenfrome Primary, ready for the celebration of Bristol Council owning Ashton Court Mansion for the last 60 years!

The students had visited us on site at the mansion over July. We had engaged 60 students from each school, encouraging them to look for architectural features on the premises made from wood, stone, tile, glass etc and requested that they draw observationally what they found. Following this task, the students had an exclusive tour of the mansion - something which the council have not authorized for the public in over 30 years - and then we asked them to re-imagine the future of the building. I was incredibly impressed with the social awareness and thought that went into these designs and had great pleasure in hanging them up for the public to appreciate on Saturday 28th September, as part of the celebrations.

There were orphanages, hotels, hospitals, mosques, space stations(!), spas and - my favourite - an opportunity for people without homes or wealth to help renovate the upstairs of the mansion, creating homes for themselves at the end of the install.

Join us tomorrow at Ashton Court to celebrate - in style - the people of Bristol being the owners of this amazing house for the last 60 years and appreciate the wonderful work the city's children have created.

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