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Hello 2020! New Projects and More

Here we are, most of the way through January and I am officially back in the game! As soon as the children were ready to return to school, I fell ill, so this week has been all about getting back up to speed.

I am delighted to announce that 2020 has (other than illness) started well! I have been awarded an artists residency, have a print commission and two, private murals on the books.

The artists residency will be at the Vestibules in Bristol. This will be in the form of a two-week residency during March - more details to follow on this closer to the time, but rest assured it will involve large -scale, onsite drawing and workshops.

I have also got two, private mural commissions in the pipeline alongside other opportunities in early stages, all of which I am looking forward to getting immersed in.

And last but by no means least, I was extremely flattered to have been approached for a unique print commission. The wonderful Smaller Footprints (zero waste shop) in Clifton Village asked me to visit and draw it's interior in order to create a special print. Attached are some photographs of the making of this new artwork. I spent around 7 hours doing the initial drawing, (which was bliss) before hand-painting the layers for each colour and then creating my screens. The print session was long and tricky, but ultimately rewarding! This was the nicest way to start working in 2020.

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