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Sci-Art, Collaboration and Engagement

One of my favourite ways of working is teaming up with scientists and researchers - learning from others, being pushed out of my comfort zone and the challenge of interpreting new research.

Below are some images of fond collaborations and public engagement events that I have been involved in:


Before and after in Bristol Eye Hospital, where the reach of my wellbeing mural continues to expand.


Collaborating with over 90 students from year 9 at Merchants Academy, we devised a public mural in Withywood.


Working on a collaborative project with a geneticist from UoB. Using data from the Children of the 90's longitudinal study, I reached out to participants for their personal stories, adding a human element fo the scientific data. Below are some process images:


Images of drawing, mark-making and inspiration for my approach to the artistic collaboration element, with previous examples of immersive projections:


Social engagement images:

1 - Collaboration with Anna on community mural, 2 - Refugee and Asylum seeker workshop, 3 - Holy Cross natural selection workshop ,

4 - Lockdown chalking on Cumberland Piazza, 5 - Sketch Up Friday workshops 6 - Lockdown chalking on Cumberland Piazza:

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