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Workshops and Print Drops

Hi all,

Happy Friday and happy almost Spring! I can feel it in my bones and see it in the buds and unfurling leaves. The longer days are creeping closer! I just thought I'd drop you a quick line to share what's been happening this end.

I am still exhibiting as part of the North Streeet Gallery's current show. This will run until the end of April. It's such a beautiful space, with great, ever-changing works on the walls. If you get the chance, please do pop along and have a look. I have a few, framed pieces on the walls, and plenty in the browser - some of which aren't listed on my webshop!

I am currently working on a new drawing, capturing the tranquility of being on the water. I plan to create some beautiful monoprint skies, to accompany the line-drawn reflections and trees. You will see work in progress shots on my Instagram page, or on my facebook page, so do feel free to give me a follow.

I am also playing with some original heron drawings, which became a mural in Hotwells. I am creating small handpulled prints, trying to capture the essence of the harbour. I really enjoy drawing all the feathers - there is something so satisfying about them. Anyways, keep your eyes peeled and let me know your thoughts! Suggestions are always welcome!

And finally, workshops continue with the Royal West of England Art Academy, Borderlands, Spike Print Studio and Bristol Care Homes. I adore working in community settings, so if you know of a group that might benefit from some print-making fun do put us in touch!

And, as ever, I love bringing your ideas to life! If you have a special occassion, you've just moved home or a project you need to bring to life, and you have a commission idea, please don't hesitate to send over thoughts to

Prices and approach can be adjusted to suit the needs of your individual piece, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone.

Have a great weekend! I'm planning on a well-deserved lie-in!

Amy x


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