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Where did Amy Spring from?

Amy Hutchings is a trained artist and designer with a degree in Printed Textiles from Loughborough University.

She first picked up a squeegee aged 12 after begging her art teacher to show her how to silk screen print in her lunch hours. Since then, Amy has amassed fifteen years print experience, designed for the fashion and interiors market, started a home accessories brand and is now focussing on fine art print and hand printed lampshades.

Despite the changes, drawing and silk screen print remains at the heart of her creations. Creating hand-drawn, hand-printed art she utilizes her background in fashion and interiors to infuse her work with colour and pattern. With an eye on the trends and her hands on the squeegee, she prints what she sees; using colour as her pencil and the world as her muse.

Primarily concerned with pattern and colour, her imagery is inspired by the everyday and overlooked; her drawings capturing an element of whimsy and nostalgia.

Passionate about process, all of her work is hand-drawn and hand-printed, embracing the irregularities and individual quirks that result from this approach. Printed onto Somerset satin, her art is produced in limited edition runs.

Previously based in South London, Amy has recently returned to her home city of Bristol. She is constantly developing new work in response to her surroundings and experiences.

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