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Playing with paper

My new favourite thing is paper lithography!!! A recent discovery through a course at Spike Island, Bristol, has got me so excited about playing with different print techniques.

For the next few weeks I am attending a course called 'Mix it Up', which is enabling me to re-engage with the creative process through different print methods.

Week 1 saw experimentation with monotyping and, man, did it confirm i was rusty using oil based inks! I could not roll out the right amount at all and my work was all inky and messy. A lot of fun and great to revisit this technique (which I have taught before - ah, the shame).

But paper lithography! Bring. It. On!!! You use a photocopy as a 'plate', cover it with gum arabic, ink it up and print away. Yum. What's not to love?

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