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Draw the wall

So, yesterday was a pretty long day, and today feels even longer! Despite the assurance of the 7 day forecast that all would be swell, today was wet and cold.

Yesterday, Anna and I began the task of marking up the wall of Charles Place playground with the new design. Anna pruned back the foliage and trees to facilitate access, whilst I measured and chalked up the background within the playground itself.

Between us, the outline took shape.

Today has been pretty much the same job, with paint added here and there to clarify areas and colour scheme.

I then commenced the task of measuring and drawing out the wall which forms the backdrop to the car park. With the rain spotting down for hours and artwork getting damaged, I eventually had to concede defeat and head homewards, ladder and paint, chalk and tape measure all loaded up. I never expected to get rained off today!

Clothes are now drying and kit is stored, ready for tomorrow - fingers crossed for sunshine and some handy volunteers!

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