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Healthy City week and West Bristol Arts Trail 15-16 October

Amy and Anna will be under the Hotwells Flyover on the Cumberland Piazza this coming Saturday and Sunday, to discuss the collaborative mural, the painting of the pillars and future plans to green the Cumberland Piazza.

Over the weekend, Amy will be on hand to talk about the community project and a selection of her prints will be available to purchase, so bring your pennies!

See Art Under the Flyover for more details about the background to our work here

Come along to join us in the 'green gym' (ahem - helping with a spot of gardening!)as part of Healthy city week - Find out more about other events running for Healthy City week here

Whether you are enjoying the art trail, or fancy popping over to use the green gym, or just say hello, we hope to catch you over the weekend!

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