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Where Science and Art collide

The Bristol Pint Of Science and Creative Reactions exhibition launches this week! Come along to Hamilton House to see what happens when a scientist's research is interpreted by an artist...

I was teamed up with Ruth Mitchell, who researches multiple sclerosis. We were interested in the way that the neuron communicates with the body and how the myelin sheath protects these communications. When someone suffers from MS, the myelin sheath is damaged, which reduces - and eventually stops - the neurons ability to relay messages to the body.

I have produced an enamel with an image of the myelin sheath. The material is pretty robust (think weather resistant, permanent), but can be damaged if dropped. This fragility underlies the piece and is an attempt to convey how the fragility of the myelin sheath is not apparent, until MS takes hold.

Come along and see all the work for yourself! The private view is this Friday from 6pm. I'll be running a badge making workshop, so you, too, can react to science and create your own piece of art.

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