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A Mural for Children of the Community

I have begun a collaboration with Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association to develop a mural. We are working with school children at a local Primary to communicate with the wider community, sharing their favourite things about Hotwells on a wall in the Cumberland Piazza.

We have held several workshops during the after school club, which has enabled us to talk with children from 4 - 11 years old about what makes the area special. We've had an incredible array of wonderful drawings - animals, birds, boats and bridges have all made an appearance. They have shared stories about their homes, families, pets and favourite places. I thought I would share with you some of the creative content that has been generated.

This will now be shaped into a mural, to celebrate the local area, the local people and - in this 100 year anniversary of Suffrage - the local women who strove to change the future. We will celebrate everything the children feel make their home special.

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