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Bristol Views

Enamel plates - larger than I've worked before and trickier for it - both still works in progress!

One plate is a view of the Severn bridge from Aust beach. We'd gone there a while back, fossil hunting with my children. Not much to report from the fossil side of things, but I'd loved the colours and space. I'd returned home totally inspired and determined to return.

The other plate I'm working on is a view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge - looking down the gorge towards Hotwells and South Bristol, the river Avon wending its way to the cut.

I had such fun printing these enamels that it was slightly disappointing when they came out of the kiln, exhibiting more colour changes than I'd hoped for. The reds and oranges had dulled considerably.

Never mind though! I love an excuse to keep experimenting, so I'll just have to make the most of this scholarship and head back to the Uni to play with these pieces a little more!

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