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Eye Bulb and Inner Space at Visions of Science

I am thrilled to have found out yesterday that my two submissions - Eye Bulb and Inner Space - have been accepted and hung at the Andrew Brownsword Gallery, Bath, as part of this years Vision of Science exhibition.

The exhibition opens Saturday 15th September, with a private view on Friday 14th. It will run until Saturday 13th October and celebrates the merge of science and art. The selected works reflect, represent, capture or depict modern day scientific phenomena, as studied by academics at the University of Bath. The Faculty of Science researches themes across biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematical sciences, pharmacy & pharmacology and physics.

My pieces in the show focus on the field of biology. The silkscreen print, Eye Bulb, represents the work of a Doctor of Ophthalmology based at Bristol University. It depicts an embryonic eye, with coloured, developmental markers.

My enamel, selected for inclusion, was produced after working with a scientist studying multiple sclerosis. The choice of the enamel is intended to represent the myelin sheath: robust and strong, but able to be compromised - for the enamel a significant fall will damage the glass fused to the copper surface. In the case of the human body, multiple sclerosis attacks the myelin sheath, interfering with the neurons ability to communicate with the body and - eventually - destroying it.

It was inspirational and educational producing both of these works and I am hugely pleased that they are to be part of an exhibition celebrating the boundary of art and science.

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