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Artist of the Month with Bristol 24/7

I am very excited to announce that I have been selected as artist of the month for November, with Bristol 24/7!

I have produced a limited-edition colourway of Bristol Harbour. Hand drawn, expressive line - created through the use of pen and ink – describes a section of the harbour. The print encompasses the Create Centre, Underfall Yard, Clifton Suspension Bridge, the ‘Turquoise’ Bridge, Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower.

“Once I was happy with the drawing, I drew it onto mark-resist film, which enabled me to create a screen, using the photographic process. This involves coating a screen with a light sensitive film and then exposing the image and screen to UV light. I then carefully cut paper stencils for the background colours, to represent sky and water. I like to do much of my design and experimentation once I have the key elements on screen and rarely complete a design on paper. This allows me to work quite freely – it all comes together on the print bed.”

‘Bristol Harbour’ is hand-pulled as a limited edition of 75 prints on Somerset satin paper. Each print is editioned and signed.

“I am always inspired as I walk around the city. It can be as simple as the way shadows fall across the path, the interplay of colours in my immediate environment or the contrast between the natural and manmade. Walking home one day on my way back from printing at Spike Print Studio, I just had to capture this view. Initially a sketch intended for a mural, it developed into a print instead.”

Please find the full article here on Bristol 24/7 website and in their physical magazine.

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