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New Look at the Eye Hospital

It's complete! I have been installing a new mural within Bristol Eye Hospital this week and wow! What a difference it makes! I have had the most wonderful time working on this ward. The staff are incredible and the level of care within the hospital is outstanding.

My new mural replaces one that had been on the wall for longer than any staff could remember. The previous one was ochres and browns and had clay relief items glued on the wall so that the visually impaired could identify things by touch. However, over the years it had become broken and was looking a little sad.

The new mural intended to place the Bristol Eye Hospital as central to eye care in the South west. The two swans are exactly central to the piece and represent the care that patients receive. The Bristol landmarks were great to paint up - they triggered conversations with patients and staff discussing what they thought each building was. The colour palette was selected to improve well-being and create a cheerful welcome to the department.

I am very proud to have been able to implement a positive change in this environment and hope that the mural will be enjoyed for years to come.

Below you will find the before and after shots. Enjoy!

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