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Creative Play

Play is important.

I have been playing with layering imagery and printing with lots of colour, seeing what will happen and generally enjoying the freedom of interpreting the Ashton Court mansion following on from my artist residency there with Artspace Lifespace.

I will be continuing this work shortly, however, there is an exciting deadline looming for a month-long exhibition with Creative Reactions, part of Pint of Science 2019. The idea of Creative Reactions is to pair an artist with a scientist, interpreting their research in a way that makes it accessible to the general public.

This will be my third year involved in this project. I adore it! I am teamed with a wonderful geneticist from Bristol University, who is focused on exploring how environmental factors impact on patterns of DNA methylation. She is using the ALSPAC data, better known as the Children of the 90's Project to conduct her research.

This has posed massive issues for me 1) I have no idea what DNA methylation or epi-genetics are, and 2) What were the aims and objectives of the Children of the 90's study?

I have been fortunate to have held council with the "Grandmother" of the ALSPAC project, who is an incredible woman and who provided me with a much better understanding of what she was hoping to achieve when she launched this research in the early nineties, incredibly securing 14000 pregnant mother's in this initial stage of research!

I am continuing my research into the amazing epi-genetic and natural selection study I am privy to. Watch this space to see just how successfully I can interpret this incredible scientific data. . .

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