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Framed and Flying

Happy Friday! Here we are, on the brink of another weekend. I am looking forward to time with loved ones, laughter and memory making.

Until then, I wanted to share this with you as I am really happy with it - I collected this beauty yesterday! "The River King", is framed and heading to it's new home in time for the weekend.

I love it when a customer entrusts the framing decisions to me - and I'm particularly delighted with how this one has worked! The orange, wooden moulding ties perfectly with this kingfisher's tummy. It make a nice change to be able to frame with colour and to such great effect.

The River King is a hand pulled, limited edition silkscreen print. Originally a drawing in my sketchbook from a canoeing holiday on the Wye, it is also available as, "King of the Wye", with a beautiful turquoise/ jade background. The background depicts the spot on the river Wye where a kingfisher flew parallel to our canoe, before perching ahead on a branch. It was incredfible and this print is my attempt at capturing the beautiy of that experience.

You can find both of these artworks on my webshop - just swing by Amy's Emporium. It's available with free shipping in the UK. Do let me know if you'd like one of these to fly your way?

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