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Commission Gift for New Book Business

The Small City Bookshop has recently opened in Bristol - it's an independent bookshop on Church Road, serving the communities of Redfield, St George and East Bristol. Offering adult & children's books from a diverse range of voices and storytelling & author events for literacy lovers & reluctant readers. I absolutely encourage you to support them and buy local!

A friend of one of the new owners wanted to mark the occassion, commissioning me to create a bespoke print to celebrate.

The colour palette relates to favourite colours and the planned bookshop interior. This commission was developed whilst the actual unit was being renovated, so the images I was working from included the Jack Cash signage and shop front that was the previous tenant. Details of the Small City Bookshop dripped in to me as its development developed! Instead of depicting the pub and retailer which neighbour this property, I suggested we create our own bookshelves to further enhance the new business and emphasise it's community value.

It's always an incredible pleasure to be approached with a commission and I love the to and fro relationship when creating the perfect piece.

Wishing the Small City Bookshop the very best of first Christmasses and a prosperous 2023!


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