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Developing Ways of Working

I have been inspired by my recent residency at Bristol City Hall to embrace my love of colour and incorporate it into environments. Fortunately, I had a wonderful mural commission in a private dwelling that has enabled me to develop my ideas still further.

I intend to expand my practice to enable myself to pursue larger scale projects and commissions, by producing work that's truly representational of a space, exploring impactful colour and drawings that echo my environment and create an immersive, beneficial experience for others.

I love colour, its impact on physiology and psychology. I studied it when younger and use this knowledge within my work, especially larger pieces in public and private spaces. Art therapy is a direction that interests me, so being able to have a positive impact on well-being is important to my work.

I am passionate about drawing and I adore printing! I am always happy when immersed in colour


To combine drawing, printing, colour; to distill my environment and abstract from it. To develop an immersive experience, which captures the essence of place.

To promote well-being and have positive impact on all who participate.

I wanted to share with you a visual reference of the core elements I wish to further explore. I want to combine colour and form with descriptive line. My new work is more abstract, but I feel the need to incorporate drawing and must experiment with how to make this work.

Increasing scale and reach are important to me, as is having the space to really develop ideas without fear. I hope you love the idea and where it could lead!


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