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Equinox Joy - and a discount code!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have found this winter to be looooong and quite difficult. The dark days and lack of light really messes with me. Fun fact, I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder when I was around 14, and I have struggled ever since. Some years are worse than others. This year has been hard.

BUT, No need to fear - for the longer days are here! Creeping ever closer, I have noticed the changes in nature - buds opening, leaves unfurling, my pond fish being more hungry. . .the signs are everywhere.

So here I am, wishing each of you a happy Equinox! May the lengthening days and increasing warmth bring much joy to you and yours.

To celebrate, I have created a discount code. Visit my online shop over the next week and use EQUINOX10 for £10 off of any order with a subtotal over £50. Share with friends and family, the joy is there for all! Most of my work also qualifies for free UK delivery, so this could be the moment to celebrate Spring with some new art on your walls! The code will work until midnight, next Thursday 28th March.

I have also been uploading new pieces of work, and a few artist proofs, so do check it out and see whether there is something that suits.

Oh - and in one Equinox-related spot of news, I will be exhibiting as part of the first ever Equinox Gallery trail in Bristol this coming Saturday. Visit North Street Gallery to meet the artists and perhaps pick up a prosecco and admire the local artists' work. I'll be visiting from around 3.30/4pm,if you'd like to say hello :)

Until next time, big Thursday hugs,

Amy x


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