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January Blues? Here's something to cheer you up!

Who can believe that we are already half way through January?

I am very aware that I have not thanked you for supporting me over this last year. Please accept my apology for the delay. I was just not able to think - until today! Today is the day I can thank you. Thank you for buying from me, for visiting me at exhibtions and selling events, for reading my blog posts, or visiting my instagram page, for checking in on facebook and for the emails you send. Your support is so valued! I couldn't do what I do without you. Thank you xxx

January is such a strange and difficult month for many people. I find that it's such a shock after the run up to Christmas that it can become hard to know where to begin. The change of pace is so polar to the frantic speed of December! For me, January is about the tax return, year planning and catching up on all of the things that fell by the wayside before 25th December. It took a bit for me to get my head around things, adjust and ease in to the idea of 2024, but now I am able to make progress and focus on the way forward.

I feel positive about the start of this year. I have had two exhibitions at the RWA just close, both of which I have loved being involved in. I've also secured a new role, working with dementia sufferers and elderly participants for a group of care homes as an arts facilitator. My Borderlands/ Spike Print Studio workshops are continuing and are wonderful! And lastly, the Resilience Through Nature project is recommencing with a second cohort of University of Bristol PhD students! If you haven't seen it before, here is the link for a short film, created by the talented Adam Laity.

To celebrate 2024 and as a thank you for your support, please use code BLUES24 to help fight the January blues. Check out my online Emporium for 15% off and free postage on orders over £45. It's valid until 3rd February.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Amy xxx


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