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So Long 2022!

As we pass the Winter Soltice, I am beginning to think about the longer days, the coming year and what lies in store. 2022 has had some surprising twists and turns and I feel that next year will be the best one yet!

This year, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with some incredible people and organisations. From the Royal West of England Art Academy, to Spike print Studio, where I have had the wonderful job of supporting community groups, from refugees, to young carers, SEND pupils and adults with learning and physical disabilities.

I had the honour of being selected to work as an Artist Educator in a Bristol secondary school for the fantastic World Reimagined project, where we taught our shared history from the transatlantic slave trade on, and opened honest discussion regarding race and injustice. we were part of a national exhibition with a globe, beautifully designed by students, addressing the issue of racism. We also created placards for an in real life parade and celebration to mark the end of the World Reimagined project, where pupils created lino cut slogans to accompany the march to City Hall in Bristol.

I had the excitement of being involved in Upfest 2022, which was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. It was such fun to paint in the sunshine next to and with such talented artists from around the world. Firm friendships have been made and I can't wait to do this again!

We got the opportunity to restart the Spike Print Studio and Borderlands print sessions, where refugees are welcomed into the professional print studio and supported to try new techniques and explore their ideas in a safe, creative environment.

I have also had a fun of a new relationship, with the great organisation that is Mirthy, combatting lonliness and creating community via an online platform. I enjoy and look forward to my monthly print sessions with them.

I have had some fun commissions this year. It's always interesting to have the chance to turn someone elses idea into a gift for someone.

As we head full-speed into 2023, I am excited for more creative, inky and printy opportunities, the chance to grow as an artist and person and the joy of friends I have yet to meet.

Next year, I am looking for 100% less roof fires and less water ingress from dodgy guttering. Wishing you all much fun and laughter over this festive holiday and let's catch up on the other side!

With love, Amy x


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