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Bravest of All the Fish

A Multiplate etching with handpainted details
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Etching and aquatint: 1
Unique Art: 1

This print is unique - to create each print in the edition, Amy has used two etching plates and added hand-painted detail on each of the fish, to create their colour and scales. No two prints in this edition will be the same.

Inspired by Amy's pond and fish within, this is one of her happy places. May was the bravest of the fish, always the first up for food, and not shy of people.

Sitting, listening to the fountain and watching the fish dart merrrily around in the water evokes a sense of calm and serenity. As the warmer months approach, she'll be sat watching these fish daily.

This varied edition with handpainted detail is printed on to Somerset satin, editioned and signed by the artist. The print measures 15cm x 21cm, with a good size boarder. An exclusive edition of 15

A small print that packs a punch!

Please note that due to the printing and hand painted element, no two prints will be the same, which ensures that you have a unique artwork. Yours may vary slightly from the image shown.

UK postage is included and your print will; be sent 24 hour tracked in eco-friendly packaging.

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