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Bristol Neon Dreams

Spray paint and acrylic on canvas.
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Inspired by my 2022 Upfest mural, this canvas captures all of the vibrancy of the Upfest piece with the advantage of being able to be carried home! Following the painting at the largest street art festival in the world, this canvas was my opportunity to celebrate the artwork! another mural of this design can be found on the Cumberland Piazza, Hotwells, underneath the Plimsoll Bridge at the north end of Hotwell Road.

Depicting the Underfall Yard and the Docks, this piece captures my love for the harbour. On the weekend of Upfest I found myself between two, incredible muralists - one had flown in from Chicago, the other from Hamburg. When they asked me where I had come from, I pointed over the river and explained I had cycled from 5 minutes "over there".

Hand-painted in Bristol with vibrant colours and neon Kobra spray paint and acrylics. Hang away from direct sunlight.

Measuring 30" x 24"/ 762mm x610mm

Price includes being carefully packaged by myself and fully insured Art shipping within the UK.

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