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Can't See it for the Trees - Artist proof

Artist proof of this tree covered aluminium etching
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Etching and aquatint: etching
Samples and one-offs: artist proof

This is an artist proof of my carefully etched wooded plate. Drawn initially into a sketchbook, this depicts trees in the Avon Gorge, leading down to the river.

This print is on Bread&Butter paper and is an artist proof. Please note the slight creasing in the bottom right corner. This occurred, due to a strange set of circumstances when the aluminium plate was placed under the roller for printing. When framing, this creasing will not be visible. It measures approximately 15cm x 21cm, plus a generous boarder.

Due to the slight creasing, this print is on sale at 50% the edition price ( full price £60).

Price includes free UK delivery in eco-friendly packaging.

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