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Amy invited to join panel for Colourscape LAB at Arnofini

Amy is super excited to have been included on the panel for the Colourscape LAB event, to be held at the Arnofini, Bristol on 18th April.Below is a bit of information about what she will be involved in:

Professor Paul Haywood (Middlesex) will be joining us for the experiment and sharing information and techniques employed on his co-produced project with Maxine Kennedy 'COLOURGROUND'.

The COLOURSCAPE LAB seeks to understand how colour shapes and informs our daily practices and how these change temporally and geo-spatially. Experiments employed at the LAB will also investigate ideas regarding 'colour control' (Lancaster 1996).

The method employed in the LAB is described here as 'colourscaping' and introduced as an ethnographic technique to aid the formation of multi-sensorial narratives.

The project is inspired by Hayward and Kennedy's 'Colourground'; an art/science investigation which creates socio-geographic paintings by “colour mapping” urban environments.

The light studio at the Arnolfini, Bristol, will be utilised for a 1-day LAB to explore the potential of 'colourscaping' as an ethnographic method. The 10 invited participants who will interrogate the method bring art and/or anthropological research interests and expertise to the LAB.

During the COLOURSCAPE LAB participants will individually and collectively create colour profiles (like the colour-profile above) that correspond to individual and shared perceptions of the environment and the body.

The results of the experiment will be shared online.

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