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Entitled Exhibition - 4th - 7th May

As part of Spike Open Studios and with Bristol Women's Voice, this show will be an opportunity to be introduced to - historical and contemporary - female artists.

Women's voices are central to the show and the work on selected for the exhibition has been created within the cracks of women's lives - in those brief moments between responsibilities.

We discuss inequality in the world today and consider the changes since Suffrage was attained.

We look at how we are represented and affected by the roles that we are given, but never asked for.

We look back at the creative work of past women and invite people to discover and share stories of lives and work that we may not have heard of.

The show includes paintings, prints, drawings, films, poems, magazines, archives, music and sound.

For my part, the work that I will exhibit as part of this show was a visual representation of a diary entry from the early days of my first pregnancy. Through language, I had expressed my anxieties, hopes, fears - my inner thoughts - from those early days. This work was initially created as part of Project Afterbirth, 2015, when I was juggling two toddlers and finding small cracks within my life to create and was a move on from an exhibition in 2015 with the Procreate Project.

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