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Getting There

The deadline for @creativereactionsbristol was yesterday!!! My work explores the research of geneticist, Charlie Hatcher. She is interested in how environmental factors impact upon DNA methylation.

This concept blew my tiny mind!!! I struggled to find a visual hook to make this abstract concept more understandable to me. The data Charlie utilises is from the @children_of_the_90s project. This in itself I was unfamiliar with, so I sought out some of those individuals involved in ALSPAC. My conversations with Jean Golding (who started ALSPAC) and a few of the 14000 initial participants have enabled me to humanise the epigenetic research. I have learnt a lot via this collaboration and it has made me conduct research in very different ways to my usual approach! I am super happy with the resulting artwork - each piece is unique and all will be on sale during the exhibition at North Street gallery and at the Island.

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