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A Passionate Flower

Finished just in time for the St Werburghs Virtual Art trail, which will run 26th - 27th September via Facebook.

"A Passionate Flower" is a hand-pulled print originally drawn over lockdown. When our worlds got smaller, I found myself recording what was happening in my own back yard.

This passion flower climbs the structure of the porch and ambles over the garage door. In the beautiful summer sun, it was a-buzz with activity, positively moving in the warmth of the day.

I wanted to share some of the appreciation for the smaller things that I found during this time. This print is the first of drawings created over lockdown that I have developed. I hope that you like it?

It is now available on my emporium. Over the St Werburghs virtual art trail, you are able to use a discount code to buy from my website. Just enter, "Werburghs10", for 10% discount on orders over £25 and free postage within the UK. This offer will run from 26th - 28th September on all of my prints. Pick yourself up something special.


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