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All about Sharing the Love!

Phew, well it's been incredibly busy here at Amy HQ. I haven't managed to do much of my own work of late (other than my amazing etching course at Spike Print studio), but I have been sharing my passion for printmaking far and wide!

I have had the peasure of working with Rest Less events, delivering online workshops once a month. I share printmaking skills, predominantly using everyday items that you can find in your home. I have been working with them for a year and honestly love the community that they have created.

I have also been approached by Spike Print Studio to teach a visually impaired artist to silkscreen print. This was an absolute pleasure and a joy! I worked with Angela across 3 sessions, exploring silkscreen and markmaking techniques. She learnt how to expose a screen, create her own mark resists - I even asked her to cut her own paper stencils using a knife. She was brilliant and embraced everything I threw at her! The result was a body of print work that she had personally created and can be incredibly proud of.

In other news, I continue to work with the Royal West of England Art Academy, delivering SEN+D workshops during the school holidays, the content of which relates to their revolving exhibitions.

I adore working with others and inspiring them to try something new, or think in a different way. Experimentation is key and making mistakes is definitely a part of play that I endorse wholeheartedly!


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