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All Weathers for Family Fun May Day

What a wonderful May day we had on Hengrove Mounds! I would like to say the weather held, but it would be a partial lie. We experienced sunshine, hail, strong winds and rain within the time it took for Brave Bold Drama, Avon Wildlife Trust and I to deliver two workshops, but nothing dampened the spirits of our participants.

It was a brilliant day, which involved adventuring for leaves and items of all shapes, colours and sizes to wind on to the adventure stick. This stick captured the travels taken around Hengrove Mounds and served as a record of the nature discovered. We had feathers, daisies, clover, dandelion leaves and blooms, moss attached to bark, and teasels, amongst other great finds.

Once the families had adventured around the Avon Wildlife managed space, they revealed their finds to scientist enthusiasts, Al and Em, two walkabout theatre characters performed by local theatre company Brave Bold Drama. The ensuing improv performances were educational and hysterical, captivating the young and young-at-heart in the audience.


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