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Cover of Calendar: Bristol Impressions

So, this is pretty cool news, huh? I am delighted that my artwork of the Underfall Yard was selected to be the cover of the 2024 Bristol Impressions Calendar. I've only gone and got the front cover, which is wonderful! What is even more wonderful is that I am in the company of incredible artists!

I was invited to submit artwork for the calendar a while back now. It was wonderful to receive the email to inform me that one of my pieces had not only made the grade, but that it had been selected to adorn the front! The colours are slightly tweaked, as the commercial printers couldn't replicate the neons!

Should you wish to be organised and ahead is the curve for 2024, why not purchase one of these beauts? My Wintery Morning at the Underfall Yard has been slightly recoloured (they couldn't capture the neons), but it's looking sharp 👌 You can find me in February. 😁 The other, awesome artists include: Emily Ketteringham, Jenny Urquart, Susan Taylor, John Evans, Abigail McDougall, Lisa Malyon, Cath Read, Adrian Barclay, Huw Richards Evans, Elaine Shaw and Jane Askey.

Thanks goes to Sarah from @coldharbourgallery for her hard work in making this happen xxx I have a few copies available on my website now 🙌 Squeeeeee!!! If you would like one, do check out my shop.


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