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Merry Christmas!!!

What a year.

One like no other and one that I am looking forwards to seeing the back of. Despite the 2020 craziness, I've had you all supporting me.

Thank you to those who entrusted me with their commissions - they were an absolute honour and pleasure to create. Thanks also to everyone who has bought from me, liked what I do and shared your thoughts and comments. The nine pictures depict my top nine images during 2020, as liked by you all.

Thank you.

Wishing you all the very best of Christmases in the very strangest of times. May 2021 be filled with laughter, fun, stability and hugs with anyone you damn well please!

My shop is still open and I will be checking on things - albeit less frequently - so any orders will be picked up and processed.

I'll be back at full speed by 5th January.

Sending virtual hugs and hand soap,

Amy x



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