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Something to Brighten Your Day

Discount code to fend off the blue Monday blues

So, it's officially blue Monday - supposedly the most miserable day of the year - falling annually on the third Monday in January. I don't know about anyone else, but the winter is pretty tricky as it is, and the weather of late has been so dark and rainy, that even at midday it still feels like the middle of the night!

To bring a smalll amount of cheer, please feel free to peruse my webshop for something new to brighten your walls! Initially, I was intending to offer a discount against prints that contain the colour blue, but then I realised that some of you may need to counter blue with some vibrancy or alternative hues. So, without further ado, until January 23rd 2023, I will be offering 15% discount and free shipping on all orders, against all prints, on my webshop.

Make the most of this one week treat. May it bring you some sunshine on these darkest of days.

Enter code: BLUE23

When in checkout.


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