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Women's Free Health and Wellbeing Workshops

The weather is slowly warming and buds are beginning to peer from the soil. I am feeling more optimistic. It's amazing how these signals of a change in season affects me.

With wellbeing in mind, I wanted to let you know of a wonderful series of events coming up during the first week of March, which I am thrilled to be participating in. These will include everything from bike maintenance and DIY to yoga, dancing, monoprinting, self love, non-violent communication and perinatal mental health sessions.

Self-Injury Support is holding an array of online events for women in the Bristol area in recognition of Self-Injury Support Awareness day (1st March) and International Women's Day (8th March). You can sign up to their exclusive mailing list for updates on these workshops here:

My workshop is as follows:

Wednesday 3rd March

11-12pm: Monoprinting at home with Amy

Make trace monoprints at home. This will be a relaxed and informal session, making use of materials that you will find around the home. Inspired by ourselves, we will create self portraits and draw things around us.

You will need:

A mirror, things you like (as subjects for drawing - I'll definitely have a tea cup!), paint (poster paint, acrylic paint, block ink), greaseproof paper and sellotape OR an upsidedown baking tray (this will become your printing surface, paper to print onto, paintbrush (a flat one is handy, but any will do) for applying the paint to the print surface and the end of a paintbrush/ pencil or biro for drawing your design.

We will start with a few, fun exercises to loosen up our drawing before we ink up our print surface (either baking/ greaseproof paper or the back of a baking tray). During the session we will look at one or two techniques for using materials around the home to print with, creating one-off artworks of yourself and items around you. A relaxing and therapeutic way to create quick monoprints - and a technique you can continue to experiment with in your own time.

Please do join me - it will be so lovely to see your faces and catch up on all of your news whilst we create and explore monoprinting together.

Check back on this page for the full list of classes, dates and booking links soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about these workshops, please feel free to email Self-Injury Support at


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