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Green Light for Bristol Eye Hospital's new Mural

After a long design process, public consultation and discussion, the mural designed for Bristol Eye Hospital will go ahead! Funded by the Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital, this mural is replacing an old, damaged relief artwork.

The mural will be in the entrance to the Eye Hospital wards and Pre-Operative Assessment Unit, found on level 3. The area is used as an entrance/ waiting room and consultation space by patients - young and old - and staff alike.. It was imperative that we strike the right balance between all the uses of the space and appeal to all those who pass through and utilise the area. The artwork has been developed with the Assistant General Manager, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Matron and Ward Manager. Once the design was near to completion, we held a consultation with patients and staff to attain feedback, respond to suggestions and to ensure the end users were all consulted and happy.

The brief was To create a new mural, representing Bristol and its landmarks, representing the Bristol Eye Hospital and its position as central to eye health in the City of Bristol.

We will use materials which are robust, enable easy cleaning and maintenance and conform to modern health and safety policy. The artwork will be stimulating in the environment and improve patient well-being by injecting colour into the entrance lobby/ waiting area. The overall aim is to create a vibrant and positive mural, brightening the environment and considerate of the end user demographic.

I am very much looking forward to getting started on this, once the Christmas chaos dies down!

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