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So Grateful

I was thrilled and surprised to receive this card through the post over the weekend! It was totally unexpected.

I have been collaborating with the National Eye Research Centre, creating a 'thank you' card for their donors. I am super excited about them using this hand-drawn image of the layers of the retina as a physical thanks to all of those wonderful people who support their work. I knew that the artwork had gone to print, but I wasn't expecting to receive one of my own cards through the mail, thanking me. It made my day.

The National Eye Research Centre fund eye research teams across the UK to find the causes of eye disease, develop new prevention methods and more effective treatments. They help find new and better treatments for all eye diseases in both children and adults.

My relationship with the lovely National Eye Research Centre feels very special and I am looking forward to continuing to work with them on future projects. Please check them out and support their incredible work if you can:

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