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Artist in Residence for The World Reimagined

I don't think I have shared with you all my current project! Since April, I have been employed with The World Reimagined as Artist in residence at a Bristol secondary. Orchard School in Filton, is one of only 12 UK schools to benefit from an artist in residence for six months as part of this national, groundbreaking educational project.

The World Reimagined Learning Programme empowers schools, colleges and community groups working with young people to create a future where racial justice is better understood.

Created with artists, teachers and educationalists, their Learning Programme is an experiential and transformative journey for students, teachers and school communities. The World Reimagined programme build the knowledge and skills that underpin racial justice, to empower and overcome divisions and create a more equitable and equal future. ‘Reimagine the Future’ gives us free rein to imagine the society we can create when we have a full understanding of our shared history; the place the UK can hold in the world when it acknowledges its past; and who we can be as people and a country when we give full dignity to all.

I worked with a group of year 7 and year 8's to create thier response to the brief. After consideration, the students decided they wanted to explore "Still We Rise" for their globe design. We had weeks playing with the concept and imagery, trying various, creative techniques and producing different responses to the theme. Their final design incorporated the following representation:

Boats - acknowledging and remembering the past

Self-portraits - here and now, celebrating difference.

Slogans - the future changes they wish to see.

Their hopes and aspirations rise up the globe from the darkness that was the trade in enslaved Africans and migrations, to a positive, inclusive, equitable future, "Still We Rise".

Find out details of the national globe trail (which runs until the end of October) and more information about this incredible project here.

And go out and see the Globe trail! It is honestly amazing, thought provoking and moving. Not only have schools participated, but artists have created globes to respond to the themes too, making for an inspirational and informative experience.


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