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International Print Project - Team Babel

With absolute excitement I can announce that I have submitted my print for the Team Babel Project! Initiated by a studio in Finland, Ratamo Printmaking Studio, each artist involved has been allocated a square to interpret in print from The Great Tower of Babel (1563) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

My allocated square is 10 squares down on the gridded original artwork, and ten across. In initially played about with drypoint print before settling on serigraphy, It's a four-colour, handpulled print and I adored creating it! It's layers are created with textures derived from other printmaking techniques, including monoprint, etching and even painting. At the end of the day, I reverted to my trusty pen and ink for the detail that forms the final printed layer, which I then exposed onto screen.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's contributions placed together to create this collaborative piece. It's very exciting to be part of an international project. There are 335 printmakers from 40 print studios in 19 countries partcipating - how awesome is that???

Today is the hand in date to the local studios involved. I hope that I'll get to see a sneak-peek of all the submissionssubmitted to Spike Print Studuio before they make their way to join the other participants in Finland.


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