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Wintery Pre-order Deadline Approaches

Thank you for all of the interest in my Wintery Sunrise at the Underfall pre-order. For anyone thinking on it, you have until midnight tonight (30th November) to place your order, as I will be getting my screens and inks at the ready tomorrow!

I thought I'd share with you a few images regarding this print and it's origin. I had dropped my children to school on 18th November, just over a year ago. It was one of those perfect, crisp mornings, with a cobalt sky and bright sun. I headed home, picked up a sketchbook and found myself a perch on Bristol harbour.

And this was the result! I drew until my fingers were numb from the cold. Since then, I have had much fun creating finished art work from this initial pen drawing.

I shall be printing the edition for those who have placed their pre-order this week and I will post up process photographs for you to share the journey. On their delivery, you will each know that your print has been created, especially for you. As they are hand-pulled, each will be unique.

The deadline for pre-order is midnight tonight, Monday 30th November. To place your order, head over to my webshop

Until then, sending hugs and hand soap, Amy x


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