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I've Made a Film! Sketch Up YouTube is HERE!

The final, planned #sketchupfriday is upon us!

As we are still unable to access the mansion, I have been back on site at the Arts Mansion and filmed some of the interior rooms. To aid the process of sharing, I have now created a Sketch Up Friday YouTube channel! It's all totally new ground for me and very exciting!!!

You can find my first film from 19th June, available via this link here:. We tour around Dame Emily Smyth's bedroom. Apologies as it's very amateur and unscripted. I feel like this might be a nice way forward in the interim. It might tide us over nicely until we can sketch onsite again? Do please email me and let me know how you find it?

Hopefully you'll be able to get a real sense of the space and - perhaps - even be able to pause the film and draw from the stills? If you would rather work from photographs, see below for a few images to help you get a sense of this space. Next time I will create some panoramas, but hopefully you have enough to get on with.

tt might be interesting to set yourself a time limit to draw. We would usually have about 1.5 hours of drawing time during Sketch Up - perhaps see what you can achieve within a similar time frame? I also think it will be interesting to see whether your style changes - I find that my drawings become tighter when I am working from photographs as opposed to life. Do let me know how you find it and any differences you notice?

Please upload your drawings to Instagram or Facebook - or email them to me with any thoughts/ comments!

Instagram: @amyhutchingsprints and tag #sketchupfriday

Facebook: @amyhutchingsprints


These images were never taken with the intention of providing working images, so please accept them as they are. I hope that they can prove useful and enable you to get sketching?

I hope to draw beside you all again in the near future. Until then, virtual hugs and hand soap, Amy x

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