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Centrally Drawn - Artist Residency

I am super excited to announce that I have a residency starting this coming Monday 7th September at the Park Street end of the vestibules!

During my residency I will be documenting the daily interactions in and around The Vestibules. ⁠Using the site of the Vestibules, I aim to document life on - and around - College Green.

The internal and surrounding architecture; the daily movements of the people; how the space on and around the area is used will provide the inspiration for her project. ⁠

Large-scale mark-making will explore the interior architecture, and daily sketches on the windows will document and capture the scene outside. ⁠This exhibition will be curated daily during the residency, with new work hung on the walls at the end of each day.

There will be an interactive and immersive element for visitors to participate in the show during particular hours only. Please email to enquire and book a slot.

Masks will be required for entry and distancing measures will be in place.

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